Farmhold: Whitepaper

Blockchain and Gaming:

Since the beginning of mobile gambling, gaming has gone from strength to strength. Number of gamers around the world have soared in past several years fueled by rapid development of modern technologies and general affordability of the product. Compared to the pre-internet days of physical, in-person gaming, the industry has already benefited hugely from rapidly advancing tech.

Yet even still, gaming sector have the problems that hold back progress. Trust and transparency remain a significant issue for many gamers, and gaming service providers. Compliance with the standards set by regulations and lawmakers pose their own problems for to solve. The gaming services are centralized in therefore vulnerable to manipulation and hacking.

This is where blockchain could be a perfect solution. In Farmhold we believe that blockchain is future of gaming, and is set to be the next big technology to be massively adopted in gaming industry.

Why Farmhold needs blockchain?

Blockchain offers a number of unique advantages over other systems that could compete for being next revolutionary technology in gaming industry.

Firstly, there’s the transparency angle. In blockchain, all data is written automatically to a distributed ledger, which by definition is immutable and trustless.

Gaming Data on Blockchain can be relied upon by gaming service providers, gamers and regulators, all of whom can access the same data in real-time, and make decisions accordingly. No longer do gamers and regulators need to trust the flow of information coming from gaming service providers— instead, the information is known to be true at the point it is generated, and time-stamped to leave a perfect audit trail.

This is helpful for resolving major trust issues and the disputes that inevitably arise along the way between gamers and gaming service providers. But it’s also incredibly useful for publishers meeting their compliance requirements.

Then there’s the safety angle, with data on the blockchain theoretically un-hackable and totally secure. The decentralization of this core competent of gaming data means that gaming providers are no longer vulnerable to hacks , while delivering fairer and transparent gaming for everyone involved.

And beyond all that, blockchain tech is just more efficient for gaming providers, allowing for automatically settle transactions, more streamlined onboarding, currency withdrawal and deposit process. Allowing gamers to move their “in-game” items from one server to another and settle trustless marketplace for everyone interested in trading “in-game” items.

The list of benefits blockchain brings to gaming industry is non-exhaustive, and in reality, there are many other ways for everyone to benefit from blockchain in gaming.


Since the benefits of blockchain in gaming are already explained, the question turns to the technical side, and what exactly gaming providers can run on chain.

While it is technically possible, there is no need to put all data into blockchain to utilize advantage of blockchain to the fullest. In reality, the best solution is to have some elements of data on-chain and some of it off chain. Gaming providers can still keep hold of proprietary information and game engine, running these off-chain for privacy reasons. On-chain, gamers profiles, characters, items, as well as any other gaming related information. The combination of on-chain data solution, and off-chain gaming , makes a solution that perfectly meets the needs of gaming sector.

Future Proofing:

Blockchain technology is still advancing at a rapid rate. At the same time, it is now an inevitability that gaming industry will adopt blockchain technology in coming years. While at first future proofing your gaming engine can be costly, the cost of not acting now is comparable, if not even worse. With the industry already inching towards blockchain powered infrastructure, it’s a matter of time before all gaming providers will need to think about whether they invest or get wiped out by competition.

What Is Farmhold?

Farmhold is platform for gaming service providers and virtual art publishers.
To use the platform publishers will have to hold certain amount of $FHLD tokens.
90% of fees generated from their on-chain activity will be distributed to $FHLD holders as dividends, 5% will go into treasure , 5% dev fund
Farmhold`s NFT staking program will allow users to stake their NFTs and earn additional tokens by winning NFT battles on PVP Arena
By applying game-design elements and game principles we want to create interactive world and empower people to utilize DeFi in the way they never experienced before.